Download Led Edit 2018 Software

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Led edit 2018 Software is a powerful software. By Led edit Software we create best pixel program for pixel led Controllers. Its Program supports Various Controllers. Led edit 2018 software interface is easy and attractive. How to operate this software and download links given below.

Download led 2018 software
Led edit 2018 Software

Controllers and ICs which Supports Led edit 2018’s Program

download led edit 2018 software
LED edit 2018 Controller List

T1000- 6803,  8806,

T1000- TM, TM19, TM1819,

T1000- UCS-32, UCS-256, UCS-1024,

T1000- DMX, DMX-monochrome,

T1000- WS, WS2811,

T1000- DS189,

T1000- TLS,

T1000- P9813,

T1000- APA102,

T1000- 6813, 1677,

T1000- SM16726, SM16715, SM16716,

T1000- MY9221,

T1000- 0815,

T1000- GW6203,

T1000- 0825, 0901,

T1000- HL32, HL1809, HL32, HL2803,

T1000- RGB,

T1000- monochrome,

T1000- DMX2048,



T1000C- 6803,  8806,

T1000C- TM, TM19, TM1819,

T1000C- UCS-32, UCS-256, UCS-1024,

T1000C- DMX, DMX-monochrome,

T1000C- WS, WS2811,

T1000C- DS189,

T1000C- TLS,

T1000C- P9813,

T1000C- APA102,

T1000C- 6813, 1677,

T1000C- SM16726, SM16715, SM16716,

T1000C- MY9221,

T1000C- 0815,

T1000C- GW6203,

T1000C- 0825, 0901,

T1000C- HL32, HL1809, HL32, HL2803,

T1000C- RGB,

T1000C- monochrome,

T1000C- DMX2048,


T4000 + Above Given ICs

T8000 + Above Given ICs

T100K-B + Above Given ICs

T300K + Above Given ICs

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